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Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

ООО Рэднэвис

REDNAVIS (formerly REDSOFT.PRO) is a team of highly-qualified professionals with a strong focus on delivering perfect software through gaining and maintaining technological advantage and superior service quality.

Since 2013 we have developed many web applications in many different domains such as electronic document management systems, automobile insurance, banking and finance software, expert and full-text search systems and telecommunications.

Our mission is to deliver perfect software, focusing on service quality, adopting best practices, high API maturity, and scalability as well as focus on having the technological advantage and automatization of daily tasks like environment deployment. 

We envision a world where businesses globally have access to top software products and services implementing to the industry development and technical growth enriching customer experience. 

Our offices: 

  • Minsk (Odesskaya str., 14);
  • Wyoming (USA). 

We offer: 

  • Official employment according to the Belarus Working Law;

  • Higher than average fixed compensation according to your experience and expectations;

  • Individual bonuses that will be aligned with your actual performance;

  • Intensive corporate life and communications with unique people;

  • Compensations for sport, education, etc.;

  • Possibility to work remotely;

  • We support the desire to learn. So, we pay for participation in conferences, training courses and international certification (in case of successful passing the exam).


We are waiting for you!

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