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ООО Датарокетс

datarockets is a product development company consisting of 35 in-house developers working remotely from Canada and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2014, datarockets has always been focused on setting up transparent and honest processes and relationships with the team and clients. Our goal is not about fast quantity growth or gaining more clients, our priority has always been about building a comfortable work place for people and ourselves and making quality projects that bring value.

At datarockets we work in different areas no matter if it’s a ridesharing service, fintech platform or a tool for personal growth. Being able to solve complex problems and create custom solutions, the main condition for us when choosing projects is to believe in the products we are working on and being able to work closely with clients and bring our own ideas to the table.

datarockets builds long term relationships with clients based on trust and honesty, which transitions product development into a fast, easy, and fun process. 

Mission: The goal of datarockets is to bring ideas into life, delve into client’s businesses and contribute to their development. Our personal goal is to gather a cohesive team that turns the company into an intellectual hub, which will result in both money and pleasure. Besides, we love sharing our knowledge with other people and bringing value to the whole industry.

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