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ООО РедСейл

Redsale.by is a Belarusian advisory service.

About us in numbers:

 — Since 2014, we have been solving various tasks of clients and are providing work to our experts;

—  There are about 7 000 experts in our database out of 6 regional centres of Belarus and more than 80 000 clients turn to us for services each year;

— More than 30 000 clients have already left their feedback about the work of our experts;

—  Redsale.by is more than 10 employees who work in the office and remotely.

Interesting and stable work with us can be provided for both beginners and real professionals. We are interested in every employee and give all opportunities for developing and unleashing the potential.

Our priorities:

— People are our main value. We treat every person with care and honesty.

— Common sense is important to us. To solve any problem, we thoroughly study it and ask the question: why is this so?

— We are inspired by our work and love passion and energy.

— We value attention and responsibility. We work with people for whom every personal and collective task is  important too.

— We notice every detail. This is a matter of professionalism for us, because without this quality it is impossible to achieve outstanding results.

Работа в компании

от 700 бел. руб.