ООО Хэлси Нэтворкс


ООО Хэлси Нэтворкс

Healthy Networks is a HTP resident startup with a team of 8 backed by professional medtech investors and supported by global KOLs in respiratory science.

Here's one of the latest interviews about our experience in two European medtech accelerators: https://bel.biz/heroes/tsel-konferentsij-ne-lektsii-a-one-on-one-meetings-elena-binetskaya-ceo-healthy-networks/.

We develop LungPass - a digital stethoscope combined with a machine learning-based app that allows patients to detect earliest objective signs of lung deterioration at home. Underlying technology is lung sound analysis with a clinically proven accuracy of 93% across all major types of sounds (GP accuracy is below 62%). The algorithm is trained using our proprietary database of lung sounds (17k, one of the world's largest) classified by a panel of Professors in Respiratory.

Our first target condition is COPD. It affects 251M people worldwide, is the 4th leading cause of death and 2nd most common cause of hospital admissions. 49% of diagnosed COPD patients suffer from 2 or more exacerbations per year, 20% of which result in hospitalization. Fewer than half of patients hospitalized survive during the next 5 years. Currently there are no objective ways to detect upcoming exacerbation, patients have to rely on self assessment of symptoms, which often leads to 4 day treatment delay.

If, however, upcoming exacerbation could be detected before symptoms become evident, 70% of patients who now get late treatment can be taken care of on day 1, preventing 8.8M hospitalizations with $7B savings worldwide. This is the first step for LungPass. The second is to address common comorbidities: asthma, pneumonia and CHF, in the end becoming a unique holistic body sound analysis engine that is affordable for vast majority of people and can thus serve as a global real time map of disease outbreaks and improve one’s quality of life.

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