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ООО Эволюшн Продактс Девелопмент

Evolution is the world's leading provider of video-streamed Live Casino solutions, working with more top-tier brands than any other provider in this market. Founded in 2006, Evolution revolutionized the Live Casino platform, transforming it into a "must have" for gaming operators. Today, Evolution is composed of 5,000+ hardworking and forward-thinking employees based across 14 countries, committed to delivering a flawless Live Casino experience across multiple media and channels.

Evolution develops, produces, markets and licenses fully integrated Live Casino solutions to gaming operators. The gaming operators then market the products to their end users. Evolution’s customers include a majority of the most prominent online gaming operators in Europe, as well as a number of land-based casinos that have expanded online.

At Evolution, we are passionate about innovation. Our code runs 24/7 and processes financial transactions worth thousands of EUR per second. Our engineering teams are critical to the successful running of the company, with any code change having a potentially huge financial implication, in both a positive and negative sense. 

Some of the habits we're embracing is helping each other and collaboration – even when it comes to criticizing bad code in code-reviews.

We believe that success is achieved through hard work.

We regularly organize internal hackathons where everyone is free to express their ideas and test the technologies they are curious about. It is amazing how often the best ideas arise in pair-programming sessions and cooperation efforts within and between our engineering units.

We truly believe in Agile and self-organizing teams, striving for the right balance between process and creativity.

Our Culture and Technology can be experienced through our Engineering landing page: 


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