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ООО Спатлайт

Helping live events shine.

    Lyte is a technology platform that allows venues and event organizers to improve the ticketing experience, giving them the tools they need to keep their venues full and their fans happy. An extension of the primary box office, Lyte seamlessly integrates with the primary ticketer to reduce fraud, drive down no-show rates, and deliver real savings to fans. 

    Lyte is a San Francisco based startup that services the live events industry in North America, from concerts and festivals to clubs and sporting events. Through our deep integrations with major ticketing providers and our close partnerships with artists and event organizers, we offer fans the opportunity to buy and sell tickets to sold-out events without ticket scalping or fraud, while providing organizers with unparalleled business analytics on supply and demand for sold out events. To fans we deliver safer, more fairly priced tickets; to partners, increased revenue and precise insights into fan buying behavior.

We have begun to expand our engineering team to Belarus and are in the process of opening an office in Minsk. Our Belarus team is an integral part of our business, working hand in hand with our San Francisco team and contributing to core product development and innovation.’


This Is Lyte...


Diversity And Weirdness Is A Plus

We come from all types of backgrounds and we are definitely not stuffy.  We have a passion for music and events and love learning about the business and technology.

Artists, musicians, writers, hospitalians, techies and orchestrators of many kinds, we lead in music, tech and business. And, we’re all pretty weird.

“From retail to food services to performing industry to construction management to architecture to community development to live events and all interrelated + extensive knowledge + passion”


We Are Self Starters

We are curious. We question the status quo, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to get the job done right. We are resourceful and we deliver results however we can. When in doubt, act first, ask permission later. 

Lyte is our own business. Sometimes that means long hours and weekends.  We take risks to make stuff better. Many of us decided to work with Lyte instead of in our own ventures. We support each other and hold each other accountable, no matter what our job description.

“Tried and failed at startups, then went with lyte after that going through series of pivoting and adjustment before arriving at what we have, startup life all the way”


Family Style

We are fair, don’t judge, and support each other in the common goal of Lyte’s success. We are comfortable in challenging and celebrating each other, and we share our knowledge with each other.

We like each other and share ideas, music, meals and cookies.  We’d be happy to be stuck at an airport with each other…

“We bake each other cookies and hang out sometimes. It’s nice to actually like your colleagues!”


Be Street Savvy

We are practical in our approach to things, pragmatic and realistic in our actions. We are curious and ask the right questions. We do what needs to get done.

We roll with the punches, quench the fires, think out-of-the-box, leave our egos at the door and don’t lose focus on the right outcome.

“We come up with quick solutions to problems on the fly, like when fans couldn’t get their PDF tickets to pull up on site at a festival due to lack of internet, we had them take a photo of the barcode from our laptop with their phones.”


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