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Full-time job in the office.

Writing English texts (articles, case studies, news, service descriptions) for the US readers on the intersection of business and IT.
Some of your articles will be published on topic-leading sites with 50,000 to 500,000 monthly visitors.

You are welcome to check the examples of content we create:

Blog articles: https://www.scnsoft.com/blog
Service descriptions: https://www.scnsoft.com/services/sharepoint
Ability to communicate an idea as a text.
Informative, logical, fact-based style that builds trust and stimulates interest at the same time.
Fluent in written English.
IT experience is not required. We allocate part of the working time for gaining the needed knowledge and support learning with training materials and personal guidance.
Знание языков
Условия работы
No rewriting, only copywriting.
Working on the global market, primarily the US.
Trainings on IT.
Financial stability.
Opportunity for professional growth.
Friendly team.
Competitive (official) salary.
25-days of paid vacation.
100%-paid sick leave.
Medical insurance.
Fitness reimbursement.
Language courses and other corporate programs.
Другая информация
At ScienceSoft, we write to be read and more than 50% of our 10,000 monthly US visitors do read our articles. Let’s put it straight: you will not be tasked to write tons of bullshit. You will be writing thoughtful texts. As soon as you start working quite independently, 50% of the articles will be published under your name.
Контактное лицо:Андрей Бодиловский
Телефон:+375 29 500 37 97
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