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Consultant for the Eurasian Fund


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The objective of the assignment is to provide needed paralegal support, including inter alia language skills, to the Team members to facilitate the formulation, integration, transfer and exchange of international law and IFI knowledge and expertise in order to enhance the delivery of such Team’s advisory services as may be relevant to the proposed revisions of the Statutory Documents of the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development for the Governance Reform.
The deliverables under this assignment shall be the finalized statutory and procedural documents provided by December 10, 2018 that should (i) become effective tools in achieving the goals of the Fund’s Governance Reform as set by its Council; (i) improve developmental effectiveness of the reformed Fund based on international law and good governance principles and practices, especially good IFI practices; and (iii) facilitate EFSD’s effective participation in project consortia and programs led by established IFIs.
- MA/ PhD degree in Law, Economics or Corporate Management;
- Extensive working experience in drafting legal statutory documents;
- Understanding of the corporate governance/ corporate strategy/ strategic performance management in the IFIs;
- Substantial knowledge of industry trends in governance and legal arrangements in the IFIs whose development objectives are similar with those of the EFSD;
- High level of technical competence and prior experience in advising clients on the design of legal corporate governance documents;
- Knowledge of the legal terminology, proven analytical and research skills;
- Track record of working on governance reform aimed at achieving high standards of IFIs' developmental and organizational effectiveness shall be deemed a strong advantage;
- Full fluency in working with the Russian-language documents and predominantly Russian-speaking teams; ability to draft legal documents in Russian language shall be deemed a strong advantage.
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TITLE: Consultant for the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development (EFSD) Program
TERM: Part-time
START DATE/ TIME: 01 September 2018
DURATION: 30 days including probation period of 5 days from 01 September 2018 through 30 December 2018.
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Interested applicants should submit resume, cover letter and 2-3 references of like-type engagements completed with other IFIs or similar organizations with developmental mandates close to the EFSD's mandate to Ms. Larisa Fugol at: lfugol@worldbank.org by the deadline.
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